BUMBUG The Musical, a new Rock Opera by Samrat Chakrabarti and Sanjiv Jhaveri, is an electrifying musical reinvention of “A Christmas Carol” told through the looking glass of NYC Immigrants and Hyphenated America. Like so many immigrants, disillusioned Deli-owner Scroogewala left his motherland years ago to pursue the American dream. Amidst his battle with holiday merriment, Scroogewala is visited by a motley crew of misfits who remind him that love, loss and laughter are all a part of that dream he’d almost given up on.

BUMBUG The Musical is the FIRST Full Length Musical authored and produced by the Indian-American diaspora in New York City.


Special Thanks

Jennifer Wellmann Marin
Hersh Narola & Tantra Entertainment
Ravi B. Reddy & The Ravi B. Reddy Foundation
Jyoti Singh
Sudhir Vaishnav & Globosat Entertainment
Ayesha Hakki & Bibi PR
Atul Kumria & Kingfisher Beer

Special Acknowledgement

For those who have supported BUMBUG The Musical since its inception 8 years ago:

Rohi Mirza Pandya, Rehana Lew Mirza, Gita Reddy, Vince Hokia, Jerold Solomon, Jackson Loo, Rita Garg, Monica Francisco, Jenny Fisher, RJ Tolan, Tim Cain, Christopher Larkin, Cindy Cheung, Kavi Ladnier, Kevin Smith Kirkwood, Meetu Chilana, Nitya Vidyasagar, Bhavesh Patel, Austin Ku, Olivia Oguma, Ephraim Lopez, Jeff McCrum, Ezekiel Kendrick, Lia Chang, Shehab Hossain, Christian Carter, Roopa Mahadevan, Nick Choksi, J. Kaitlin Becker, Ryan Kim, Carla Ching, Lloyd Suh


terraNOVA Collective, The New Victory Theatre, Teamsters Local #202, Linda LaTerra, Feltraiger, IRT Theater, New Ohio Theatre, Robert Stark Lighting, Bailey Humbert Heck Architectural Design, Montclair State University, Erika Feldman, Shawn Murphy, Keith Adams, Thom Caska, Danel Verdugo


BUMBUG The Musical was originally commissioned and developed by Desipina Productions